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Do Tell! Conversation Card Game

Do Tell! Conversation Card Game

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Vulnerability is the key to connection and Nina Westbrook designed this game to serve as a fun, engaging way to spark meaningful conversation between friends and loved ones as you bond over your exploration of important topics like intimacy, intention, wellness, and self-discovery.

Recommended for ages 17+ 
Best when played by 2 or more players

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Ignite the ambiance of your upcoming cozy date night, exhilarating girls' night, or intimate gathering with loved ones!

Social connection has been scientifically shown to improve both our physical health and emotional well-being. It can take the form of deep and meaningful conversations or enjoyable activities like playing the game "Do Tell" with loved ones.

"I believe that the fastest way to understand another person is through exploration."

— Nina Westbrook

The Power of Vulnerability

By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we are fostering open communication and also helping cultivate empathy within the relationships we share with others.

Studies show “we appreciate the display of vulnerability by others, not so much the display of our own.” Yet being vulnerable is essential to creating deep, meaningful relationships, and when we engage in activities that encourage vulnerability, it can help strengthen our relationships over time.

Get beneath the surface with your new favorite card game!

What's Up With the Good Deed Cards?

The rules state that, should you choose not to answer a question, you must draw a card from theOne Good Deed deck. Why? Because we believe in the power of doing good. Doing nice things for others doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time, but it’s a great way to reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost happiness.

What people are saying about Do Tell!

  • "Fun, deep, thought provoking questions! This game was made for a fun night in (or out) with friends."

    — @joyfullykey

    5 stars

  • "Really surprised by my friends reactions! I was enlightened by my friends answers and what I always thought knew was so much more meaningful after this experience Money well spent."

    — Mindy
    5 Stars

  • "This is dope! I've never been in a room with this many men, that have all been this vulnerable."

    — Kacy
    5 stars

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